Its very tragic and heart breaking that one of our member of JEC Roboworld Arnab Kishore Bordoloi, is no more with us. He was a very talented individual with such high hopes, a teacher, a motivator, an inspirer. A man who was full of energy and enthusiasm to serve and give back to the society. He was one of the enthusias who has whole heartedly worked to build this club and with a vision to uplift the technical side of our JEC. We admire his enormous contribution to our club as well as to our college. Apart from being a club members he was a great leader , a good guide and an ideal person to us. We shall always remember his contributions and shall follow the learnings he have tought us. Indeed he left us doing the things he loved. Left us with inspirations and some beautiful memories. JEC ROBOWORLD will always be in debt of all his dedication & hardship. May his soul rest in peace.